Samaritan House is working to create more opportunities for parents with young children and teens 16 and older. Children must be 12 or older to volunteer. Children 12 through 15 must volunteer with a parent or a guardian. Teens 16 though 17 can volunteer individually with a parental permission slip in some programs. Anyone 18 or older can volunteer without a parental permission slip.


  • Deliver Mobile Meals This is a great opportunity for parents with young children to perform direct service for our clients and create an understanding of community service. Your two person team will collect pre-packed meal servings from our Kitchen and drive them to clients who otherwise would not be able to get to one of our meal services. Shifts are Monday-Friday 3:30-5:00 pm and can be a weekly or bi-weekly commitment. Apply and contact us to see if there are any shifts available. 
  • Serve Meals in our Dining Room in downtown San Mateo – We have a few limited openings for youth volunteers (aged 16 and over) who are accompanied by a parent to serve at our Dining Room. A few days are available either weekly, biweekly or monthly. Service is located offsite on Monday-Friday from 4:00-6:30 pm.
  • Pack Pantry bags – Help is needed to fill brown bags with groceries to give to our clients. One child/one parent teams. Saturdays 9-12 noon at our main site.
  • Run a donation drive – Samaritan House is in great need of all sort of items to help our clients. Check out our Drives page and see how easy it is to help.
  • Run a “sponsor me” event – swim, walk, run, complete chores etc. to raise money to donate to Samaritan House. We will acknowledge your time as volunteer hours.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please Apply Here and explain what is your preferred volunteer role.


School Community Service Hours

We do not accept Court Ordered Community Service at Samaritan House.

If you are interested in completing Community Service for your school, we require a minimum of 20 hours of service from you – either by volunteering with us or coordinating a drive or “sponsor me” event for us. Apply Here